Lockdown extended….. Nows the chance to invest time in your health!

Are you tired of saying next week I’ll start exercising, or I wish I had a healthier diet or I just don’t know where to begin to become healthier?

Starting on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle can be hard, trying to do it on your own can make it even harder!

Health Focus Ireland is brining you 6 Week Stay-At-Home Wellness Programme! A new block will begin Monday 8th March!

The programme is delivered online to allow you stay safe, and prioritise your health from your own home! All sessions are recorded so you can catch up if you miss any of them and replay the Webinar or exercise classes again.

The programme aims to help you begin your journey towards better health and to build long term sustainable habits, by giving you the knowledge and tools to do so, along with the support you need to get going.

What's included:

  • 6 Health & Well-being Webinar Monday nights at @ 7.30pm (Recording provided - for replay or incase you can’t make it)
  • 6 Online zoom exercise classes (suitable for mixed levels) Tuesday evenings @ 7.30pm
  • 6 Different Health Topics Covered (E.g Nutrition, Habit building, Stress, Sleep and Exercise) - Education & Tools for action
  • Support and Accountability via online private group

What do I need:

  • A smartphone, laptop, i-pad and access to the internet
  • A clear space to exercise
  • A willingness to give it 100% commitment

What is involved in the exercise classes:

  • The class will be a mixture of aerobic (cardio) and resistance (muscle strengthening) exercises
  • You will go at your own pace, take breaks when you need to
  • All exercises will be given a modified version and a advanced version
  • Equipment is not essential but can be used if you have it
  • Water bottle, school bags with books, chairs etc can be used to add extra weight it needed
  • Music is played during the session
  • All session are recorded (just of the coach) so you can replay them 

This programme is designed as a stepping stone towards change, aimed to build longterm sustainable change.

If you have any questions but email info@healthfocusireland.ie or What's App/Text/Call 085 7526994

Ciara :)