Join me for a morning dedicated to your self-care and wellbeing...

Treat your body and mind to this beautiful gift of time to unwind, slow down and take care of yourself.

Our morning yoga class will be flowing and energising - ideal on the day the clocks have gone back an hour, helping us feel revitalised and refreshed. You will feel grounded and present, having let go of tension, stress and that slugglish feeling that creeps in at this time of year.

We’ll have a break and enjoy some tea, treats and time to talk and connect with others (if you wish to).

We will practise an Autumnal meditation (possibly in the woodland if the weather is fair and dry), and then move into restorative yoga - getting cosy, warm and snug in deeply relaxing poses supported by bolsters, giving you the time to truly rest, rejuvenate and recharge your body and soul. We will end with Yoga Nidra, known as Yogic Sleep, to bring ultimate calm and peace.

Spaces are limited and tickets are non refundable for this event, but you may of course gift your place to a friend if you are unable to make it.

How many places do you wish to book?