This gathering will be a part of a seasonal series of workshops in which I will share yogic practices and philosophy offering an approach to self-care which will help you thrive.

The workshops will be an opportunity to delve into yogic practices & philosophy and learn how they can be used as self-care and ways to more deeply connect to your inner wisdom that is the guide to knowing exactly what is needed in order to support you through the seasons and our personal and collective challenges. The theme to underpin the closure of winter and preparation for spring is RENEW so in the February workshop the practices will be focused on ways to consciously shift any remaining winter stagnation or heaviness to make way for lighter more vibrant spring-like energy to help you thrive as we hit the next season.

You can expect movement, breath-work & meditation dedicated to aligning you more deeply with yourself and the nature of this season and I will hold a supportive and compassionate space in which you can explore and integrate all of the practices in your own way.

There will be snacks and time for a chat before we depart.

How many places do you wish to book?