This class is ideal for you if you are in peri to post menopause and is suitable for total beginners or if you have some experience of yoga but want a gentle class designed for your body as you transition through menopause.

We will practise yoga to soothe our bodies, minds and souls, focusing on reframing our menopause journey in a positive light and calming our nervous systems during this stressful period of our lives. We'll learn breathing techniques, mindfulness and restorative poses that you can practise at home to help with any menopause symptoms such as:

Hot Flushes

Anger, Irritability, Moodiness - “Menorage”

Anxiety, overwhelm, stress

Fatigue, sleeplessness/ insomnia

We will explore ways to feel more empowered and in control during this transitional time in our lives. Working on releasing heat, letting go of pent up emotion and tension and feeling mentally stronger.

Guided Relaxation is woven in to each class to give you time and space just to BE, with no expectations or pressure.

You will have opportunity to meet and chat to other women in their menopause journey, and there will be time to share anything you wish to talk about in a safe and supportive space (optional of course).

Please note venue is Hall Lane Methodist Church next to the Rugby Club LE67 5PF

Preferably you will bring your own yoga mat but I do have some to lend. Also please bring 2 pillows and a blanket to every class.

This option is booking for the full term of six weeks at a cheaper price. The more you come to class - the more benefits you'll reap! Dates are as follows:

6th, 13th, 20th, 27th June

4th and 11th July

If you are unable to make all the dates please see the drop in option on the previous page.

*Bookings are non refundable and non-changeable/moveable*

How many places do you wish to book?