A day of self-care, connection and learning about natural ways to support yourself through perimenopause and beyond, guided by our inspiring holistic wellbeing experts.

Empower yourself with knowledge on how yoga, diet and herbal remedies can help you manage symptoms, boost your mood and energy and enhance your wellbeing. 

What's included in the Day?

  • Yoga to Soothe your Body, Mind & Soul 

Emma Glover, a qualified Menopause Yoga teacher will guide you through gentle, calming yoga practises in the morning & afternoon, focusing on releasing tension, anxiety and rage and leaving you feel empowered. You will learn breathing techniques to practise at home to help manage symptoms and soothe yourself in times of stress, and think about reframing the menopause journey in a more positive light. 

Yoga has so many benefits to us during peri-menopause, menopause and in post-menopause years. We’ll move our bodies, bring awareness to our breath, and learn simple mindfulness techniques to help us notice anxious or angry thoughts - the first step to letting them go. We'll end the afternoon with restorative yoga to completely relax, helping the body and mind to absorb everything from the day and allowing you to float home feeling completely reset, recharged and invigorated." - Emma

  • Optimum Nutrition for Health & Happiness

Kam Shokar is a sought-after registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in female health will enlighten you on how changing your diet even in simple ways can have incredible benefits during your menopause journey, helping you to become your healthiest, happiest self. You will leave with a wealth of knowledge about the positive impact that nutrition can have on your body, hormone health and mood. Visit Kam's website.

“I know from my own experience, the toll that hormones and stress can have on the body. We often find managing our weight, mood, sleep and energy becomes difficult during peri to post menopause years. I am passionate about supporting other women to take control of their diet and lifestyle with easy to implement changes.” - Kam

  • Cultivating Balance With Herbal Medicine

Emily Nettleton, a Medical Herbalist, will inspire and educate you on the power of herbal remedies for menopausal relief and the vital role they can play in soothing symptoms, bringing balance to the body and supporting overall wellbeing. She will also lead you through a fun, hands-on workshop session crafting your own herbal tea blend to take home. Visit Emily's website.

"As a Medical Herbalist, I use medicinal plants to make herbal tea, tinctures, powders, creams and much more. Herbs are our allies in menopause, providing natural support in this transformative stage of life.

Sip on herbal tea with me as I explain the power herbs can have on our hormones and wellness." - Emily

  • Vegetarian Lunch & Refreshments Throughout the Day

  • Goodie Bag

  • Discount Vouchers - Information Handouts - Meal Plan Ideas

Is this Day for ME?

Wherever you are in your Menopause journey, this day is for YOU.

For you to RELAX, de-stress and feel calmer.

For you to EDUCATE yourself about how changing your diet can help reduce the impact of your Menopause symptoms and LEARN about ways to use herbs to support you.

For you to CONNECT, chat and bond with other women on this journey.

For you to TAKE CONTROL of your own body, health and lifestyle.

Join us for this special day of SELF-CARE and EMPOWERMENT.

(Women taking HRT are most welcome and can benefit from natural menopause support too).

About the Venue

BAGWORTH COMMUNITY CENTRE is a lovely, spacious venue in the small village of Bagworth, located just beyond Ellistown and approximately 13 minutes drive from the centre of Coalville. It's easy to find with plenty of parking available, and accessible from Loughborough, Leicester, Shepshed, Hinckley and surrounding areas - just 8 minutes away from Junction 22 of the M1.

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