Join us on this sacred land at Avondale Retreat in Wicklow for a day of ceremony where we will activate the herbalist, healer and medicine woman/man within.

This will be an introduction of how to work sacredly with the herbs and plants of Ireland for deep healing, remembrance & initiation.

Making our own medicines from the plants and herbs around us is a fundamental part to our healing journeys. It not only supports us physically but the spirit and intelligence of these plant allies changes us. Reminding of us our ancient soul and wisdom. Helping us to heal our hearts from eons of pain and infusing our cells with the ancient secrets.

In this workshop you will learn;

  • How to forage and harvest ethically with love and respect which is the foundation of making sacred medicines, this will be a central part of the workshop.
  • How to work with the spirit of the plants for emotional, spiritual and physical healing.
  • What herbs to work with and why.
  • How to identify plants and herbs.
  • How to make tinctures from fresh herbs & how to journey with these medicines.
  • How to make herbal infusions.
  • How to make sacred body oils using dried herbs.
  • How to make magical bath salts.

What do bring with you;

  • A journal and pen.
  • Some empty glass jars.
  • Some food to share with the group. 





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