Summer Solstice marks the time of year when light is at its most abundant. Trees and flowers are in full bloom and there is a sense of fullness and celebration in the air, as Mother Nature puts on her ultimate show of creativity and abundance. These states are reflected in our collective psyches as we feel more driven to socialise, celebrate life and stay out and chase the sun.

This two hour holistic wellbeing event invites you to harness the energy of the sun as you are guided through a series of strong yet accessible yoga postures known as Sun Salutes. You will be brought through the classic Sun Salute sequence, as well as variations to 'Spice up your Salute'.

This event is perfect for anyone looking to set up their home practice but doesn't quite know where to begin. Sun Salutes are a perfect full workout for your body, mind and spirit, enlivening and energising you from the inside out.

After your physical practice, you will move towards ritual, reflection, breathwork and relaxation to fully embed your practice into your whole being allowing you time to bask in the richness of your experience.

Feel free to celebrate and socialise with non-alcoholic bubbles and light bites in the (not-guaranteed!) evening sun!

Looking forward to seeing you there,


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