We're thrilled to announce our Hawaiian-themed Summer Drum Bash! Join us for Adult Drum Offs, a fantastic performance video shoot, and don't forget to dress up in your best Hawaiian attire! It's a chance to mingle, showcase your drumming skills, and have a ton of fun. Let's make this summer bash one to remember!

For the drum-off's classes prepare their piece with as much or as little creativity as they like. The rules are that the drumming patterns must remain the same but instrumentation and visuals can change. We encourage you to get creative with this but be aware of the restricted time. Visuals are top priority for the next few weeks and if you're new please don't panic and no pressure - you got this!

This is going to be an event hopefully that everyone buzzes off so we have to charge €20 per ticket to make it work. I hope everyone will agree it's a super enjoyable bit of craic for a night.

N.B DRESS CODE is HAWAIIAN THEMED: i.e Flowery dresses, hawaiian shirts, lei's, grass skirts, coconut bikini's....we'll be going for it ...you should too !

It's a little more than our weekly lessons as we all feature in the video "BOOM SHAK-A-LAK", get to see the premier screening of the new Drumadore doc and also then get entertained with the judging panel etc like last time. There will also be an open bar and nibbles on arrival.

Some have asked if its ok to bring a partner, family or friends to come and watch - they are all very welcome but just note that they will need to buy a ticket too.

Plan is:

7pm: Meet and greet in the bar

8pm: Drum Offs

9.30-10.30pm: Video shoot.

11pm: close Disco dancing/mingling in the bar.

This event is for all our adult drummers and a great chance for the groups to socialise and make new friends or get really clicky and cause turf wars.

How many places do you wish to book?