This Yoga class is for building strength and stability, mobility and flexibility. This is a challenging strength and stretching class for athletes. We will focus on different body parts each week from ankles and feet to knees, hips, back, core and shoulders. Helping to prevent injuries and boost performance. The class will also be enjoyable and fun. I teach embodied yoga, basically it's about how the pose feels in your body and not how it looks. We will also build on the mind and body connection and taking our experience on the mat into our every day lives. I am a very experienced runner and I have been a member of Newbridge Athletics Club for over 13 years. I have run 6 marathons and lots of half marathons. Running with an athletics club has given me the opportunity to compete in many county cross country events and win county medals. I am very proud to also have 3 Leinster medals for competing as part of a team in the Leinster road championships. I currently coach the Juvenile club members on a weekly basis. I genuinely only teach yoga that I practice daily myself. I am passionate about sharing yoga with others. It has helped me personally to grow stronger both physically and mentally. It has enriched my life massively and I want to share this Joy with you!

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