Infection control and prevention is an essential requirement for any business where work activities could put employees or their customers at risk of passing on or contracting an infection. In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, this Infection Control Training has never been so necessary. The principle of hand washing and social distancing is still recognised as the best way to prevent the spread of any disease.

Employees likely to be exposed to a higher risk of infection include those working in a healthcare environment, in close contact with people or animals, cleaning human and animal waste and those working with young children particularly in Preschools. Infections are quickly passed on, but equally easy to avoid if everyone on the premises takes proper preventative action.

This infection control course covers the sources of infections and how they pass from person to person. This course will start by defining infection prevention and control and explaining the impact of good and bad infection control.

It covers different types of microorganisms, how bacteria are transmitted, the chain of infection, and much more.

The Infection Control Training Course will provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of the process of preventing infections from spreading; this includes proper handwashing procedures, cleaning activities, and waste disposal.

This course includes practical work witnessed by zoom to allow the trainer to ensure the trainee understands and is able to carry out tasks using appropriate techniques.

Upon successful completion of the course a certificate of attendance will be issued, valid for 2 years.

Once booking is completed you will be sent the web address to access the course (please remember to check Junk/Spam folder)

If you intend using your smart phone or tablet to attend the course, you need to download the zoom app and register before the course. All details for registration will be forwarded following you booking. Please ensure your camera and microphone are working prior to the meeting also. Ensure you are close to a recharging point for your device. Please ensure you have a quiet uninterrupted area while the course is being delivered for maximum commitment to your course and enjoyment. 

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