Welcome to Coach Jane Gymnastics- I am delighted to be bringing my clubs to your school.

1st-3rd Class Pupils at Salesian Primary 2:30p-3:30pm

The club is welcome to any child with a keen interest in Gymnastics. Beginners and experienced gymnasts are both welcome as they will be taught according to their ability.

To see what we have been up to in other classes you can find me on https://www.instagram.com/coachjanegymnastics/ or https://twitter.com/coachjanegym1

In each class we start with a musical game/fitness warm up and a full body stretch followed by working on key gymnastics skills using various equipment.

It is Important that children attend in clothing that is easy to move in, hair tied back and bare feet.

Should you have any questions you can contact me on 0831569662.

Looking forward to our new club!

Coach Jane

How many places do you wish to book?