Yoga Headstand otherwise know as the ‘King of all asanas’ - this inverted posture has so many health benefits for the mind and the body. This posture reverses the normal effects of gravity; it rests the heart, aids circulation and relieves pressure on the lower back. It helps to build upper body strength and mobility, as well as promoting blood flow and helping to calm the nervous system.

The key to balance is the tripod formed by elbows and hands. 

In this Headstand workshop, you will learn all the necessary techniques to practice headstands safely and with confidence. Mastering the Headstand does not require major strength, it is largely a matter of conquering the fear and believing you can do it. Plus, the benefit of 2 yoga teachers means, one is teaching whilst the other is able to assess students and advise to ensure a safe practice.

 Payment by donation. 

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