Join me Sunday December 04th as we embark on a journey towards the Winter solstice. December can be such a busy time for us all. We can find ourselves being pulled in so many ways. This day is an offering to slow down. We will begin with a yoga class lead by Chris Molloy. The class will be a Bhakti class filled with devotion for yourself. An offering of love and gratitude for the year that has passed and welcoming the light of the year ahead. The space will be there for you to rest, restore and recharge. Being together, practicing yoga together, supporting one another, showing up for every woman in the room.

Following this will be a Cacao ceremony lead by Nicky Halliday. Nicky discovered ceremonial cacao in Costa Rica over 4 years ago and developed a beautiful relationship with this incredible heart opening medicine. Her mission was to spread the word in Ireland when she returned. She has now shared cacao with over a thousand people in Ireland and around the globe. She believes cacao helps us to connect deeper to ourselves and the world around us. Helping to awaken our intuition, our creative essence and our inner healers. "To live with an open heart is a brave thing to do, and mama cacao facilitates this journey so beautifully".

After our time with Yoga & Cacao we will then journal. Journalling is a way of connecting to what really lies within you. At this time of year it's a way of checking in with how your year has been and maybe deciding how you will move into the New year. It can be about asking inner questions and having the time to hear the answers.

Then Lisa Davies (who I am so happy to work with again) will nourish us with delicious vegetarian seasonal food. Lisa, originally from Wales, moved to Ireland via the US about five years ago. She loves cooking and trained at the French Culinary Institute in NYC and then started a cookery school in Montclair, NJ. She teaches cooking at Airfield Estate and also does private cooking classes. She is a wonderfully talented cook, whose food is seasoned with love and warmth true to her personality and love of sharing her knowledge.

How many places do you wish to book?