As we move towards Spring let's celebrate the Joy of Colour, embracing colour for Wellbeing. It is well known that colour affects our moods, emotions and state of mind. As Jung stated “Colour is the key to subconscious.” We can understand different things about ourselves through our colour choices, our subconscious mind helps to guide us through colour. We also communicate different messages, feelings and thoughts to others with our choice of colour, in our clothing and homes. 

Colour unveils our beauty, talents, and strengths by balancing our energies and sharpening our minds. Colour opens us up to our inner world, which leads the way to living a life full of love, happiness and grace. Colour helps us understand who we truly are, the talents and abilities we have deep inside of us, and the power we came with to overcome life's challenges. Colour can also release resentment, fear, anger, frustration, self-pity, depression and the past encouraging us to take back our power and acknowledge our wisdom. This is one of the main reasons Colour and yoga create a brilliant mix. As yoga works the body and challenges the mind, colour stimulates your energy.

Join colour stylist Aoife Dunican & myself Chris Molloy on a journey through colour, how to embrace colour in your life. Aoife will talk you through the power of colour, Chris will lead a colour meditation & yoga practice. 

There will be time for Q&A at the end. 

How many places do you wish to book?