Interested to discover what colors mean for us by working with Mandalas?

Colors are subtle, yet very important in our lives. They influence our mood and give us insight into both our inner world and our outer world. They symbolise things like love, danger, grief, wealth, power, innocence and so on.

The colors you choose intuitively while coloring your Mandala carry energy, and can be very insightful to look at the meaning inside your choices of colour.

Nicole Kipperman will be holding the space and guiding this workshop. She'll read the Mandalas individually after everyone intuitively colors them in. She provides insight into the state of your energy at that time.

A bit about Nicole -- Starting out as a holistic massage therapist, Nicole's path intuitively led her to become a therapeutic healer working with various opractices. Before moving to Portugal she had a healing studio in Holland for over 20 years.

What's Included:

*Two part Mandala Workshop

*Workshop Materials

*Reading with Nicole

*Guided Meditation

*Tea, Coffee, Snacks

*Vegetarian Lunch

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€20 Deposit to secure your space, the remainder paid on arrival.

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