Yin & Yang Yoga stretch

Blending gentle movement and deep stretching this class combines shorter and longer holds (taken from Yin and Yang styles of Yoga) to work into both the muscles and deeper into the joints; giving a delicious full body stretch. Ideal if you're looking to focus your Yoga practice around flexibility; perfect complement to strength or cardio training. Suitable for all levels / experience.

About Polly

Polly has 10+ years’ experience in the charity sector designing and leading local and national work with a focus around combating loneliness and isolation. Working with older people, with carers and across the youth sector the aim of her work has been to remove barriers in order to help people connect, fulfil potential and live enriched lives.

Polly’s Yoga journey started over 10 years ago and it has played an important role in her life ever since. She deepened her love and knowledge of Yoga when spending time in Nepal in 2019 and went on to train with Bewell (YTT200).

Polly is committed to making Yoga make sense for more people through making classes accessible and creative and teaching with the generosity she learned when training with Bewell. She particularly enjoys helping people discover or rediscover Yoga.

She is particularly interested in connecting diverse communities of people with the benefits of Yoga and is passionate about taking Yoga into spaces and settings where it’s less commonly found.

Polly is also pursuing Counselling Training. With a passion for Yin Yoga and Embodiment work she is interested in holding space for people on and off the mat; enabling people to understand and accept their bodies and minds more fully in order to live more whole hearted lives. 

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