You are invited to experience ancient healing practices which are a great solution for modern day stresses. Sound therapy , breathwork and yoga are each the gateway to meditation.


*Reduce stress by lowering? balancing cortisol levels

*Improving physiology neurology & psychology

*Reduce pain & inflammation caused by arthritis or fibromyalgia

*Reduce anxiety & depression

*Lower blood pressure

*Feel calmer

*Helps focus the mind

*Improve sleep

Feel joy, peace, tranquillity, bliss, centre your awareness, aid, repair & remove blockages from the physical & emotional body whilst experiencing theta & delta healing waves. Sound therapy is the perfect all round solution to all the above mentioned ,its also a great way to explore the depths of the inner world igniting thoughts ideas manifestations.

Start the session with some yoga, breathwork and meditation before laying down to receive the beautiful sounds of our crystal healing bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs & many other healing instruments.

Please bring a blanket/blankets /sleeping bag and pillow. You want to be warm and comfortable for the duration.

Love and light

Meltem and Andy

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