The workshop is designed for beginners and for anyone with an interest in astrology and/or personal development. It is a very practical personalised workshop where Laura brings the adage ‘as above so below’ into reality. The following will be covered:

• A sharing of your moon sign and a discussion on each of the twelve zodiac moon signs and what each one means

• Input on different modalities, modus operandi for each zodiac sign and how this affects your life

• An overview of a natal chart design and it’s meaning with focus on where the moon was in your chart when you were born, and how that affects your life

What do you need to bring?

  • An openness to personal sharing and discussion with others
  • A notepad and pen
  • An inquiring mind

What you will get:

  • Your natal astrology chart
  • An understanding of how your moon sign governs your emotions, feelings and daily habits
  • Handouts covering some of the material covered

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