Creativity, Imagination, Teamwork and lots of Fun!!

We are delighted that your child joining us on what promises to be an action-packed week of camp. Each participant will experience a very full and creatively engaging programme with lots of opportunities for collaboration and expression!!

We begin each day with a physical game, warm-ups, exercises. Every new activity will begin with fun drama exercises and improvisations.

Each day will have a theme >>>>

Drama and Storytelling

Puppetry and puppet making

Clowning and Photography

Mask and mask-making 

Storytelling and Performance:

In teams, each child will get to create their very own performance for the rest of the group using any of the techniques that they have learnt along the way!

We will close each day with a game and/or themed quiz, a mindfulness exercise and a reflection of our day.

On completion of the camp, each child will have made a puppet, a mask and a professional portrait photo to bring home as well as developing skills in all the techniques above whilst building self-confidence, creative thinking and problem solving!

Tulla Drama and Arts Summer Camp


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Registration for Tulla Drama and Arts Summer Camp

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