Saturday 30th September

10am - 4.30pm

The Dance of Life with Noeleen Tyrrell 

Shiva Nataraja is the Cosmic Dancer. He dances the Universe into being. This is a constant process, a never ending dance. The Pancha-Krtyas – are the 5 ways

that the divine takes action, the five steps of the dance:

‘The five divine Acts are not only what God/dess does, in fact, they are all S/He ever

does’- Christopher Wallis


The 5 Acts of the Divine are:

• Srsti: creation, emission, or the flowing forth of Self-expression.

• Sthiti: holding, preservation, stasis, or maintenance.

• Samhara: dissolution, resorption, or destruction.

• Tirodhana: concealment, occlusion, or forgetting.

• Anugraha: revelation, remembering, or the bestowal of grace.

In this day long workshop you will explore this in ‘real time’ and observe the dance happening right under your nose. With this awareness we flow through the

dance of the physical practice and examine how you can actively choreograph the dance of your own life. The beat of the dance is that of your own heart, your own unique expression. We can co-create with Shiva to direct and guide ourselves along the path of our deepest hearts desire.

Day will include wisdom teachings, asana practice, contemplative practice, meditation and deep relaxation.

Bring a notebook and pen.