Embark on a rejuvenating journey with Sarah from LOOKUP: Holistic Art and Alice from alice faulkner yoga for a serene Sunday morning, blending mindfulness, creativity, yoga and nature.

We invite you to enjoy a tranquil stroll through Hirst Wood, as we gather natural materials for our artistic expressions. We will embrace the present moment amidst the beauty of nature and let go of judgment through meditation, before unleashing your inner artist with playful creations using our foraged treasures! Following this, you are invited to immerse yourself in a grounding yoga practice amidst woodland splendour; deepening your connection with both self and the natural surroundings.

You'll leave feeling refreshed and replenished, having savoured precious moments of self-love, curiosity, and creative play.

All abilities of art and yoga encouraged and welcome!

Please note when booking that for insurance purposes you are unfortunately only able to book one ticket at a time.

Early Bird - available until 24 May 2024




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