Please pay a deposit of €50 or €30 now and a balance of €70 in class 1. Due to reduced class numbers, classes will run when filled, if there are insufficient numbers to start the class then the class start date may be moved forward by 1-2 weeks. Please note that marking any of the questions below N/A will mean that your booking is automatically cancelled. This information is necessary and is treated with complete confidentiality. Should a class be unable to run, then the class will run on ZOOM instead.

Baby Massage Class Deposit


Class Deposit (Total cost is €120, balance of €70 due in class 1).

Discounted rate for those with NO insurance cover or similar scheme


Discounted Class Deposit if you have No insurance cover or No other way to claim back some of the cost. (Total cost is €100, balance of €70 due in class 1)

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