“We do not require payment or credit card details for you to begin your 30-day free trial. After 30 days, if you’re happy to continue taking online bookings using our system, the cost is €11.14 per month. If you’re not happy, you can walk away with no charge. There is no contract for you to get tied-in to. There really is nothing to lose.”

– Niall Smith (Founder)

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Card processing fees set by our secure payment provider, Stripe, are set at 1.4% plus 25 cents on each transaction. (ie, 90 cent on a €50 payment)

Pricing after the trial period is €11.14 plus VAT per month or €121.95 plus VAT per year.

SMS / Text Message Reminder Pricing

The automatic text message reminder feature is an add-on product to a base subscription. It works on the basis of purchasing units from BookingHawk.com



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